Kabaddi Betting Odds, Tips & Betting Guide

Kabaddi is a unique contact team sport wildly popular in South Asia, especially India .

Some believe the origins of the game, a mix of wrestling and tag between two teams of seven players, date back 4,000 years, but the rules of Kabaddi were not established until the 1920s. As television brings added excitement to the game, Kabaddi betting has grown in Asia and worldwide.

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How to Play Kabaddi

The game is played on a rectangular field, with 2 teams (the raiding team and the rival team). The objective is for a player of the raiding team, called a “raider”, to enter the rival team’s side of the court, tag as many players as possible, and return to their side without getting tackled. There are usually two periods of 20 minutes each.

Points are scored for successful raids and tackles, and the team with the most points at the end wins. Some tournament games go into extra time, usually two five-minute periods, if scores are tied after regulation time.

Kabaddi Leagues and Tournaments

With players needing skill, strength, speed and agility, Kabaddi is an exciting watch, even if you’re not a big fan. The growth of top-class competition, and the chance to enjoy Kabaddi betting, continues to grow outside of the Indian subcontinent.

The most significant competitions and biggest Kabaddi tournaments include:

  • Pro Kabaddi League in India

  • Super Kabaddi League in Pakistan

  • European Championships

  • Kabaddi World Cu

  • Dubai Kabaddi Masters

  • Bangladesh Kabaddi Premier League

  • Uganda Premier League

  • Kabaddi Federation Cup in India (juniors)

How to Bet on Kabaddi and Bet Types

Online Kabaddi betting is relatively simple, thanks to the sport’s easy-to-follow rules. Here are the most common markets you can follow at Stake.

  • Match winner (including overtime) – the easiest of all betting markets, where your only job is to predict which of the two teams will win a match.

  • Handicap – if one team is a runaway favourite, the odds won’t be generous. Instead, try a handicap bet where the favourite must overcome a hypothetical points deficit to win.

  • Outright winner you get to predict which team will win a particular competition. The Bengal Warriors to win the Pro Kabaddi League, for example.

  • Total points – a bet on how many points you think will be scored in a game, usually an over/under style bet.

  • Correct score – forecast the final score to win your bet.

  • Top Raider/Tackler – a bet where you predict which player will score the most raid or tackle points in a match.

  • First Blood – which team will score the first point.

  • Total raid or tackle points back how many total raid or tackle points are achieved in a game.

Kabaddi Betting Tips and Strategies for Success

Once you understand the basic Kabaddi rules, you’re in a better position to enjoy Kabaddi betting. You won’t make the best decisions if you don't know what's going on. But even if you’re a long-term fan of the sport, there are some things you can do to increase your chances of making a profit from the game.

  • Follow the news: Form and injuries play a big part in Kabaddi, just like any other fast-paced contact sport. If a star player is out injured, their side will likely not perform as well as expected. And if a team is suffering a terrible run of form, the odds might not reflect what will happen. If you follow the news, you’ll be better placed to take advantage of the odds offered at Stake.com.

  • Analyse the data: If you’re serious about Kabaddi betting, you should immerse yourself in data and stats. These often throw up interesting anomalies that Stake’s oddsmakers may have missed. For example, although one team is in a low league position, it might regularly pull off a shock result against a particular team. See if you can spot trend this and bet accordingly. For example, if you want to place a bet on Bengaluru Bulls vs. Jaipur Pink Panthers, you may want to analyse the history of these two teams before placing your bets.

  • Watch the games: Fans will do this anyway, but as a keen bettor, you should watch the action, too. This way, you’ll learn more nuances of the sport and get to identify key players and tactics that will help you make smarter decisions on your bet slip.

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Live Betting Options for Kabaddi

As one of Asia’s most popular sports, and with plenty of competitive action, all the top Kabaddi events are either televised live or available via live streams online.

This means you’re also likely to find live betting options on Stake.com, which adds another layer of excitement to your sports betting enjoyment.

Sit back and bet on markets as the game swings one way and another in front of your eyes! You might also find some fun prop bets in the live betting markets.

Kabaddi Betting Odds and Payouts

Stake makes it easy for you to use odds in your preferred format. On the platform, you’ll find options for odds in the following formats:

  • Decimal

  • Fractiona

  • US moneyline

  • Hong Kong

  • Malaysian

  • Indonesian

And with a simple crypto deposit and withdrawal process, getting payouts from your successful kabaddi betting at Stake is straightforward.

Why Bet on Kabaddi at Stake.com?

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Interesting Facts About Kabaddi Betting

  • Players are supposed to shout: “Kabaddi, kabaddi, kabaddi” continuously during a raid to prove they are using just the one breath allowed for any one raid.

  • Kabaddi is one of the most-watched sports in India, though it will never get close to cricket.