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Badminton Betting Odds - Bet on Badminton Games Online

Badminton is popular in many countries, particularly in Asia, and features in the Olympic Games after its debut in 1992. With badminton competitions and matches streamed worldwide, badminton betting has become attractive to punters looking to place wagers on a fast-paced, easy-to-follow sport.

The game is played by two or four players facing each other on a small court divided by a net. The object is similar to tennis but with a different scoring system. There are three games in a match, with the first player to 21 declared the game winner.

If the score is 20-20, a player must win by two clear points. If it gets to 29-29, then the next point wins. Players can win a point whether they are serving or not and the serve switches to the player winning the previous point.

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Badminton Leagues and Tournaments

Badminton is best known as an Olympic sport. The game is most prevalent in Asia, and it’s from these countries where most success comes.

China has emerged as a global force. Before the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo, the Chinese had the most Olympic medals, followed by South Korea and Japan. In Europe, hopes of international success usually rest with participants from Denmark or Spain.

Apart from the Olympics, the Badminton World Federation is responsible for running other major badminton events and international tournaments , including:

  • BWF Thomas Cup, also known as the Men’s Teams World Championship

  • BWF Uber Cup, which is the Women’s World Cup

  • BWF Sudirman Cup, the mixed doubles world championship

  • BWF World Championship, the men’s singles event

  • Asia Championships

  • European Championships

How to Bet on Badminton and Types of Bets

Badminton is a fast-paced sport that’s exciting to watch and easy to understand for sports bettors . There are various markets for you to try at Stake.


The most accessible betting market of all is selecting the winner from any particular upcoming match. Don’t worry about the correct score or number of games played; it’s just the winning player or doubles pair that you need to predict correctly.


There are many potential points combinations in a game of badminton since it’s the first player to reach 21. The score might be high-scoring (21-18, for example), or it could be a rout, with a player romping home 21-8. So, you must use your skill and judgment to predict how many points will be scored.

An alternative points bet is predicting the winning points margin – this reduces the likely outcomes and will offer slightly lower odds.

Point handicap

If one player is an overwhelming favourite over another, Stake.com will offer a point handicap bet. This is a way to ‘level the playing field’, meaning the favourite must win by overcoming the points handicap.

In contrast, you can back the underdog in the hope they lose by fewer points than their handicap – or win the game, of course.

Correct score

Singles and doubles badminton matches are best-of-three affairs. You can bet on the final overall score, 2-1, 2-0, 1-2 or 0-2.

Exact games

In badminton betting, you can bet on a match having two or three games. It doesn’t matter who wins; it’s the total of the games played that matters. If there is a red-hot favourite, you might decide it’s likely to be a two-game match because they will easily win 2-0.

Games decided by extra points.

It’s not unusual for close badminton matches to surpass the 21-point finish line. A player must win by two clear points unless the score reaches 29-29, in which case, the following point wins.

Your task in this badminton betting market is simply to predict how many of the (up to three) games will go to extra points. This, of course, will be more likely in the games where the two players or two doubles partners are evenly matched.

Badminton Betting Tips and Strategies

As with all other more popular sports, your success or otherwise with badminton betting rests with your understanding of the game and how much you follow the latest news surrounding tournament series.

Simply guessing the outcome of any game based on the odds is not a good strategy for success. Instead, take note of our elite sports betting tips , as well as the following before developing your badminton betting strategy:

  • Get to grips with the format: With badminton betting, you must understand how the tournament works. While individual games always have the same structure, some international tournaments might have different formats, such as group stages or straight knockout rounds.

  • Be confident about the rules: Thankfully, badminton is not complicated, which is why it is popular with sports betting fans. Ensure you understand how the game points system works, as many betting markets reflect game scores.

  • Research form and news: You might think the odds will already reflect badminton player form or injuries. But the beauty of sports betting is that you can sometimes find value in a market. This is where it pays off to look at the form of the top players as they go into a badminton tournament. You might also check the matchup history between two players if they are scheduled to each other across the court.

  • Watch live streams: All major badminton tournaments are streamed live (check the official websites for details), and watching some of the action makes sense as it will help you get a better grasp of where the badminton betting value might be.

Live Betting Options for Badminton

Live streams of significant badminton tournaments don’t just entertain and inform – they allow you to take advantage of live betting as the action unfolds.

With live badminton betting , the odds shift all the time, and you can bet on markets, like who will win the next game. This is a more engaging way to place your badminton bets.

Badminton Betting Odds and Payouts

At Stake, you can find various odds formats. Most customers prefer the decimal format, like 3.00. But others like their odds in fractional form, which is more common in the UK. In this case, the odds are presented as 2/1, while the American moneyline odds format would be 200.

It’s up to you which of the odds formats works best for your bet slip.

As for payouts, these are always super quick on Stake, thanks to our online deposit and withdrawal process.

Why Bet on Badminton at Stake.com?

Badminton betting is increasingly popular because the game is easy to follow, is fast-paced, and the available markets are usually simple.

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Interesting Badminton Facts

Badminton is the fastest racquet sport in the world, in which the shuttlecock can fly through the air at up to 320 kilometres per hour. And while in tennis , a game with male and female players is called mixed doubles, in badminton, it’s known as a mixed match.