VIP Program Overview

Stake’s VIP program is designed to suit all different types of players with an emphasis on ensuring you receive the most in cumulative bonuses for every dollar you wager. This is something we will not be beaten on.

As you advance through the different tiers of the program, more types of bonuses will become available. As you unlock all of them you’ll quickly realise why our VIP treatment is very different to anything you’ve seen before. We give more and offer more flexibility than any competitors.

Dedicated VIP Host

All Platinum III VIP’s receive a dedicated VIP host whose job is solely to ensure your experience on the platform is second to none. With availability suited to your timezone, your VIP host will beat any benefits other sites are offering. Just reach out.

Highest Return to Player

We take a simple approach to VIP’s. Every bet made does not go unnoticed. Everything you do is rewarded. Every single one of our bonuses come with zero strings attached. Feel free to instantly withdraw or play how you like. It’s your money.

Exclusive & Flexible Bonuses

Anything is possible with the Stake VIP program. Whether it’s a simple request like receiving Ethereum instead of Bitcoin or a more complicated one like receiving the brand new iPhone opposed to your weekly top up. We understand all players are different.

VIP Program Break Down

All our benefits are quite unique & sometimes never seen before. This is a full breakdown of the benefits you will be receiving.

What our players say

Stake quite quickly became my favourite gambling site. I was drawn to the platform through its instant withdrawals, variety of games and different betting options. But through these experiences, I became aware of the top notch customer service and VIP program. Your hard earned dollar goes further on Stake than anywhere else.
As somebody who has gambled for over 20 years, I have been around all of the biggest sportsbooks in the industry. I put at the top. Their customer service team is always available and are always eager to ensure your issue is solved. As far as benefits go, the VIP team ensures you feel more valued and appreciated than any other platform in the industry. I urge you to try Stake out - you won't regret it.
I've been a player on Stake since the very beginning. Stake has not only had the best VIP program, but the best customer service also. I receive an answer to my questions or issues almost instantly, personalised for whatever my query may be. I have tried other platforms, but have not found anywhere that matches the quality of the Stake team.
Through my experiences on other casinos, I have been treated like a king when I am making sizable bets and ultimately losing money. The moment you slow down, it is as if you are kicked to the curb. Stake is the one exception. Stake's VIP program is designed to reward both long-term and high rollers alike, showing loyalty throughout your accounts entire lifespan. A few slow months does not mean the benefits you once earned will follow suit. Once a VIP, always a VIP.
I've played with sizable bets at the vast majority of crypto sportsbooks, and Stake has by far offered me the best VIP experience and customer service. Stake rewards me with great bonuses whether I'm winning or losing, actively betting or taking a break — which is something I've been unable to find elsewhere.
The VIP program is amazing. You're really getting rewarded for staying with Stake, and my VIP manager is super nice too! I'm super happy to have found Stake. It's the only site I know of which I'm 100% certain is not scamming. Thank you Stake.
I like to play. I try to not over do it but occasionally I do, but that's why I play at Stake. I've lived in cities where a casino is the only kind of building you'd find in downtown, but there none of them have taken care of me as does. It’s the only place I go anymore to scratch that itch I get when I want to have fun. This may not be the case for everyone, but after they instituted the VIP program I got to Platinum over a weekend. The reward for progressing was fantastic and I kid you not when I say it is the best you'll find anywhere. Beyond that, they give me something to play with at all times when things get rough for me and the more I play the more it is. I have a VIP host who is quite possibly the nicest person on the planet, but that's not to say I haven't had a positive experience with all the hard workers there. If you like to play as I do I can tell you there's no place better to do it.
The setup of the Stake VIP system is a great addition to the gambling platform of the website, with a dedicated and helpful team behind it. As I progressed through the levels, I was assigned Marija as a VIP host, who has been nothing but a positive impact to my time spent on Stake, with helpful information, great feedback and fast responses. With the VIP battles starting, unique VIP challenges and the boosts to reloads, the Stake VIP system has kept me rooted to what I consider the Number 1 Bitcoin Casino.

How can I become a VIP?

Entry to the VIP club is through exclusive invite only. Your activity on the site will earn you an invite, where we will alert you when you have reached the required level.

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