Fri, Dec 09 12:30 AM

Miami Heat - Los Angeles Clippers
Winner (Incl. Overtime)

Fri, Dec 09 1:30 AM

San Antonio Spurs - Houston Rockets
Winner (Incl. Overtime)

Fri, Dec 09 3:00 AM

Portland Trail Blazers - Denver Nuggets
Winner (Incl. Overtime)


Event User Time Odds Bet Amount

Bet Basketball Online at Stake - Best Sportsbook for NBA

With fast-paced action, high flying dunks and skilled sharpshooting, Basketball is one of our favourite sports here at Stake. Basketball is one of the most exciting sports to bet on the Stake sportsbook every day with the biggest stars playing in the biggest leagues almost daily.

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Basketball Betting for NBA, College Basketball and More!

Basketball is one of the most popular professional sports actively played on the planet and there is no shortage of ways to bet on your favourite leagues and players on Stake's sportsbook.

The USA is the birthplace of basketball and features the highest level of competition in the world's premier basketball league - the NBA . The full NBA regular season runs from October to April every year with NBA playoffs running from April to May and wrapping up the NBA Finals in June.

As the greatest professional basketball league in the world, the NBA features legendary teams such as the LA Lakers, Boston Celtics, New York Knicks, Golden State Warriors and many more. In addition to traditional powerhouse NBA teams, the league also features All-Star players like LeBron James, Steph Curry, Giannis Antetokounmpo, Kevin Durant, Luka Doncic, James Harden, Damian Lillard and other famous, international basketball superstars leading their franchises to success.

Beyond the professional leagues, the USA is also rich in high-level collegiate basketball with the NCAA Men's Basketball Division I Basketball as well as NCAA Women's Division I Basketball , running from November to March every year culminating in the legendary March Madness Men's Tournament and Women's Tournament - the pinnacle of Division I Basketball. Legendary collegiate programs such as the Duke Blue Devils, UCLA Bruins, North Carolina Tarheels, Kentucky Wildcats UConn Huskies and more battle it out in a month-long, one-and-done tournament to crown a champion every year.

It is the most exciting time of the year to be a basketball fan and a bettor's delight - with the first day of the tournament featuring games all day! Outside of top-tier play in Division I, there is also the National Invitational Tournament (NIT) and the College Basketball Invitational (CBI) for many other college basketball teams to compete in during March Madness for the ambitious punter.

Outside of professional and collegiate basketball in America, Basketball is truly a global sport with leagues worldwide including the Euroleague Basketball , Eurocup , Chinese CBA , Australian NBL , Argentina LNB as well as international tournaments such as FIBA, Olympic Basketball and more.

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Betting basketball on Stake's sportsbook with Bitcoin or the cryptocurrency of your choice is easy. You can deposit funds into your account by following these simple steps listed below:

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Live & Upcoming Basketball Betting on Stake

Live basketball betting has never been easier on the Stake sportsbook with real-time odds, betting lines and options for live basketball games as well as upcoming basketball games throughout the world.

Live NBA Betting and live college basketball betting is the highlight for any basketball super fan to bet on their favourite teams and players worldwide during the season.

Live betting on basketball allows for advanced bets based on how the game unfolds or if teams are in the bad foul territory affecting the pace of the closing minutes - total points, moneyline and margins are all viable in an exciting live betting scenario!

Betting Guide for Basketball for Betting Odds, Moneyline, Futures and More

Basketball is an exciting sport to bet on with four quarters of action, plus overtime, there are numerous ways to place bets on outcomes of basketball games, seasons, championships and more. At Stake's sportsbook, there are many opportunities to bet basketball and parlay in your bet slip such as:

  • Moneyline: The simplest form of bet - picking the outright winner of a head to head content between two basketball teams. Odds a weighted based on how likely one team would beat the other for a moneyline bet.

  • Handicap: A more sophisticated betting option in which different odds are based on a handicap of points (i.e. +3.5) to the underdog team. As basketball only involves scores of 2 and 3 points (1 point for free throws) the scoring range is quite intuitive for fans of the sport.

  • Over/Under: Basketball is a high scoring game, so betting on a total score of a game is a popular betting option for punters. Combining this betting option with winner + over/under is also popular to get better odds for a basketball bettor with a feel of the gameplay.

  • Winning Margin: Similar to handicap, winning margin pick an outright winner and the margin they win by. The mechanisms of professional basketball are interesting, in which close scoring games slow down in the fourth quarter due to the foul penalty in which scores could remain tight or get out of hand if the winning team hits their free throws.

  • Overtime: Basketball is a game for winners - no draws or ties. In the event of a tied score in regulation, games go into an overtime period until a winner is declared. This is a simple bet - either overtime happens or it doesn't. Nerves alert: buzzer-beating shots can make or break a bet slip.

  • Quarters/Half: Basketball is broken into four quarters (two halves) of action, in which a variety of live bets are available, including which team wins the quarter/half (or draw), handicap, winning margin as well as odd/even.

  • Player props: Basketball is a superstar driven sport and with a 5 vs 5 sport like basketball, there are multiple player props you can bet on during a game . Over/under total points for an individual player, as well as assists, rebounds, 3pts made - you name it. Go with the hot hand and back your favourite player for a prop bet today!

  • Betting Options: Parlay your bets with single and multi-bets on the Stake sportsbook platform and get involved with all the best basketball action!

Basketball provides a wide variety of betting action and is one of the most popular sports available on our online sportsbook. With nerve wreaking actions and exciting buzzer-beating shots that can make or break your bet slip, Basketball betting provides a rush like no other sport. If you just want to wager one-off or are interested in a complex multi-sport parlay, there are almost always enough ways to bet to get started today!