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IndyCar Betting Odds - Bet on IndyCar 500

IndyCar is a leading motorsport in North America in which drivers regularly reach speeds of 240 MPH in their pursuit of the biggest prizes available.

Legendary racers like Scott Dixon and Josef Newgarden showcase their talents on the track and defy the odds week in and week out. Read on to find out how to bet on IndyCar events and individual races this season at the ultimate sports betting site, Stake.com .

History of IndyCar Racing

Although the IndyCar Series is a relatively new competition (the mid-1990s), there have been open-wheel single-seater formula racing cars in the United States since 1909.

In fact, the initial race, dubbed the first-ever IndyCar event, took place on June 12, 1909, in Portland, Oregon. Howard Covey driving a Cadillac took the chequered flag at the head of a six-driver field.

IndyCar as we know it today was founded in the United States of America in 1994 and affiliated two years later in 1996. Following some initial legal battles, IndyCar eventually teamed up with Champ Car in 2008, and a period of stability followed.

In its current format, there are 17 NTT IndyCar Series races each season, comprising superspeedways, short ovals, road courses, and street circuits, offering fans lots of variety and intrigue as they watch their favourite drivers compete for podium finishes.

Format and Schedule of IndyCar Series & Indy 500

The 2024 IndyCar Series kicks in March 2023 in St Petersburg, Florida. The season runs until September 15 and finishes in Nashville Tennessee.

From April through to August, there are two to four monthly events throughout the racing season, with races nationwide in locations including Texas, Michigan, and Iowa - the major raceway for IndyCar racing is the Indianapolis Motor Speedway.

When is the Indy 500?

All eyes will be on the 108th Indianapolis 500 (Indy 500), scheduled for May 26, 2024, and will attract a global audience.

How to Bet on IndyCar & Bet Types

Betting on IndyCar races at Stake.com couldn’t be easier. Simply deposit the cryptocurrency of your choice into your account and decide which races you would like to bet on. Find out how to deposit crypto at Stake here.

You can then place the following IndyCar bet types:

  • Winner: A straight-up bet on the driver that you think will take the chequered flag at an upcoming race

  • Top 3: A wager on any driver you think will land a podium finish.

  • Top scoring rookie: A bet on the rookie driver that you think will end the season with the most points.

  • To finish bottom: A bet on the driver you think will finish bottom of the pile at the end of a race or even at the end of the season.

Live Betting Options for IndyCar Racing

Even if you plan your IndyCar racing betting slip ahead of time, there’s still an excellent opportunity to place a range of bets once the race has already started, thanks to the IndyCar live betting options at Stake.com.

You can bet on the fastest lap and which driver you think will win the race outright after the race has already started, allowing you to assess the grid and conditions before placing your bets.

Learn more about the differences between pre-match and live betting in this article.

IndyCar Betting Odds & Payouts

Once you have decided on the IndyCar bets you would like to place, you can adjust your settings at Stake.com to show your odds as fractions, decimals or in the American format, depending on your preferences.

You will find the best IndyCar betting odds at Stake.com, and you can be sure of instant payouts after all IndyCar races throughout the season if you make winning selections.

IndyCar Race Betting Tips & Strategies

As is the case with all sports betting, betting on IndyCar requires some careful consideration. Here are some top tips to help you get started:

  • Do your research and find out who the most successful drivers are at specific race tracks to increase your winning chances.

  • Understand how drivers typically perform on the different tracks, as there are big differences between oval tracks and street circuits, for instance.

  • Rather than betting on a single race, consider combining your IndyCar Series bets into parlays to improve your odds.

Difference Between IndyCar & Formula 1 Racing

There are certainly lots of similarities between IndyCar racing and Formula 1 , but there are also several differences:

  • IndyCar racers can reach top speeds of 240 MPH, while F1 cars typically top out at around 205 MPH.

  • IndyCar only has two car manufacturers – Chevrolet & Honda, while F1 has many more and four engine suppliers (Mercedes, Ferrari, Honda and Renault).

  • All IndyCar events are held in the US & Canada, while F1 events occur in 23 countries across five continents.

  • Approximately ¼ of the IndyCar Series is raced on oval tracks, but F1 races don’t take place on ovals.

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