How do Stake's Monthly Bonuses work?

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You would have heard about our monthly bonus system by now, and if you have got lucky enough, you would have even been able to claim a bonus or two along the way, too.

For the past two years or so, we have opted to send all our players some funds each month. We call this a Monthly Bonus.

We often get several questions regarding the beloved monthly bonus, so we thought we’d let you know the ins and outs of something we have all come to love.

So, let’s get into the fun stuff, shall we?

1. What is the monthly bonus? 

The monthly bonus is extra funds given out to all eligible players, once a month. There are very little restrictions in terms of deposit and wager that surround the monthly bonus, you just need to be an eligible player. See Question 2 for more details on how to become an eligible player.

2. How do I get a monthly bonus? 

To get a monthly bonus, you need to have an account in good standing of Stake, and your email must be verified. You must not have a mailbox we cannot reach due to bouncing errors, and you must not unsubscribe from our emails. Players who are also caught breaching our Terms of Service will also be ineligible for a monthly bonus. 

Players who have not made a deposit, and have an account over 3+ months old will also not be eligible.

Monthly bonuses are sent out once a month via email. If you did not get an email, it is likely you are ineligible to receive a monthly bonus.

3. How is my monthly bonus calculated?

Monthly bonuses are calculated based on your VIP level and recent wager. Players who are very active on Stake are more likely to receive bigger bonuses, of course. If you are an active Gold player, you will receive a higher bonus than a non VIP player that is not active on the site. However, active players may indeed earn a higher bonus than inactive players in a higher VIP tier.

4. Reload or Coupon? 

While we do like to change it up, most of the time, players will be given a reload as their monthly bonus (for more information on reloads, see question 5).

Players will most always be given a coupon (one-time bonus) if they have a reload already set, or have claimed a reload recently.

5. What is a reload?

If you have never claimed or been offered a reload before, then you are probably wondering what this term actually means.

Simply put, a reload is a bonus that is split up into certain intervals. Whether it be daily, hourly or every ten minutes, a reload requires you come back onto Stake to claim a bonus.

6. Where can I claim my monthly bonus?

If your monthly bonus is in the form of a coupon, your link will be embedded to the bottom of your email.

If you have been given a reload, you will need to head on over to the reload tab in the VIP section of your account to claim your bonus. 

7. When will my monthly bonus arrive?

This is something we like to keep a secret. 😉

8. How can I ensure my monthly bonus is larger next month? 

The simple answer here is to play. We like to reward players who are coming with us on our journey. The more you play and wager, the more your monthly bonus will be.

9. My daily reload from my VIP host is higher than my monthly bonus! Why is that? 

This can happen from time to time, as reloads set by VIP hosts can revolve around other bonuses and total profit. The monthly bonus is solely based on wager. If you want more information and a further breakdown, please contact your VIP host.

10. Can I change my monthly bonus from a reload to a one-time bonus?

Unfortunately you are unable to change your form of monthly bonus, regardless of your VIP level or any other circumstance.

11. When can I claim my next reload?

While your email will specify whether your reload is daily, hourly or even per 10 minutes, your reload page will tell you the exact time of your next claim.

And there you have it! What are you waiting for? Get started by playing your favourite games, become a Stake VIP , and starting claiming those big wins! To learn more about the program, read our Stake VIP guide .